Zac Efron Dental Makeover

With song, dance, and that charming Zac Efron smile, Zac Efron stole his way into our hearts via the hit Disney film franchise High School Musical. Since his High School days, Efron has matured significantly as a person—confidently recovering from recent rumors in the press regarding excessive partying and tussles with the LA homeless—and an actor. After a starring role in a Footloose remake, Efron dabbled in a period piece (Me and Orson Welles) and a romantic comedy (17 Again). None of these films received much traction, but Efron appears to enjoy stretching his talents. His most recent acting effort is a frat boy opposite uptight married couple Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne in blockbuster comedy Neighbors.

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Zac Efron Teeth Smile HollywoodZac Efron is well known for his looks, recently winning the Best Shirtless Performance award at the MTV Movie Awards. Efron has not always looked so polished. When he first met High School costar and ex-girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens at an early audition, she noted the “adorable” gap in his teeth. Efron has admitted to being teased for his gapped teeth and underwent invisible braces treatment and teeth whitening to remedy his smile. There are no gaps to be found in Zac Efron teeth now, but his charming smile remains as he continues to carve out a varied and successful acting career.