Victoria Beckham Dental Makeover

Victoria Beckham has made a name for herself apart from the Spice Girls and her high-profile athlete husband David Beckham. Over the past several years, Beckham has gained traction in the fashion industry, designing high-end garments for women. Consistently spotted in public wearing pieces from her eponymous label, it is not a far-off statement to make that Beckham designs for ladies like herself: confident, business-minded jet-setters. The mother of four regularly features in paparazzi rotation. Her signature look is a serious pout and rarely a Victoria Beckham smile. The designer recently admitted to Glamour magazine that the fashion world may be to blame for her stony exterior.

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Victoria Beckham Teeth Smile HollywoodDespite the fact that she seldom shows them, Victoria Beckham teeth have seen some significant cosmetic dental treatment. Veneers and teeth whitening reportedly helped eliminate a childhood gap in her teeth, of which she claims to never have been very fond. Over the years, Beckham has significantly altered her look: she has been blonde and brunette and sported long locks and a short signature bob. For now, the designer is all long brown hair, but she remains tight-lipped regarding her smile and the secret to all her sartorial success.