Sandra Bullock at Oscars 2014

This year, Sandra Bullock stepped out onto the red carpet with a Best Actress Oscar nomination for her role in the film Gravity. An awards veteran, the actress appeared calm and collected before the cameras. In 2010, Bullock nabbed the Best Actress Oscar for her work in the popular drama The Blind Side. Wearing a sparkly, velvet Marchesa gown to receive her award, the actress opted for a similarly classic style at the event this year. Bullock wore an Alexander McQueen navy satin gown in a classic cut, displaying a subdued, serious side not unlike that of her character the astronaut in the blockbuster Gravity.

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Sandra Bullock Teeth Smile HollywoodBullock ended up missing out on the Oscar this year, though Gravity itself landed 7 awards, including Best Director. Gracious as ever, Sandra Bullock smile remained fixed throughout the duration of the evening. Sandra Bullock teeth anchored her beauty look, setting off her perfect smoky eye and shiny tousled locks. Her teeth probably benefit from a regular whitening treatment and are so straight, surely braces or aligners deserve some thanks. Perhaps if Bullock had won the Oscar that night, she would have thanked her dentist in her list of credits. Her stylist also deserves props, as the actress looked beyond elegant, ready to accept whatever accolades fell down to earth that night for her performance in Gravity.