Miley Cyrus Dental Makeover

It’s no wonder that so many celebrities have beautiful smiles. From porcelain veneers to teeth whitening, Hollywood’s greatest have been getting dental makeovers for the camera for years. Once they hit stardom, you will notice how white and straight their teeth have become since they rose to the top. Some celebrity dental makeovers are more obvious than others.

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Miley Cyrus Teeth Smile HollywoodWhen Miley Cyrus played the character Hannah Montana, it was obvious that she did not have dental work done. She had crooked teeth and even decided she didn’t want to fix them because it might change the way she sings. Some say her smile was quite unattractive. As a young adult, she has risen to the top of Hollywood’s most talked about celebrities. With her stardom comes some changes to her look. If you take a look at her smile now, her teeth are very white and straight. Her smile is beautiful. Some of her fans say that she shouldn’t have had the dental procedure done because her signature crooked tooth added character.

In an interview in August 2013, Miley admitted that she had work done to fix her trademark crooked tooth. She said in an interview with GMA, “I got a really good dentist.” Watch the interview here. There is much speculation as the type of work she might have had done on her teeth. Some say she had dental veneers put in her mouth as well as whitening. Check out Miley’s before and after pictures during her Hannah Montana days and as a young adult.