Lorde at Billboard Music Awards 2014

Lorde, the seventeen-year-old New Zealand songstress, seems to have blossomed into a superstar overnight. Winning the Top New Artist honor at the Billboard Music Awards this year, the Lorde smile shined behind dark red lipstick and an all-black Lanvin ensemble. The seventeen-year-old definitely has a shadowy side, one that has become known the world over for her hit song “Royals.” Lorde has come a long way, not just geographically speaking. She discovered music at the tender age of 5, stumbling into it via the avenue of drama. Writing her own lyrics, Lorde and her songs appear authentic and emotion-driven.

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Lorde Teeth Smile HollywoodPerforming the song “Tennis Court” at the Billboard Awards, Lorde wore another (yes another) long-sleeved black get-up, complete with a wide-brimmed hat that looks ripped from the set of Beetlejuice. For being so young, Lorde holds her own, sporting long wavy brown locks and embracing ivory skin and purple lipstick. Lorde teeth might benefit from a whitening treatment, but the young star is just beginning. She has a lot ahead of her, and she is already well aware of teeth, mentioning “gold teeth, white teeth” in her hit song “Royals. “ Keep an eye out for this one, everyone. Her star looks set to only continue to rise.