Lil Wayne at BET Awards 2014

Sporting his signature all-over tattoos, Lil Wayne stepped up on the podium at the BET Awards this year to accept the Best Group award for his work with Young Money, the record label he founded. Young Money released a compilation album earlier this year featuring the rapper himself and performers like Drake and Nicki Minaj. Earlier in the evening, Lil Wayne performed his single “Krazy” for the first time, making a big show out of it, rising up from smoke. His fans would probably agree his much-anticipated new album warrants such showmanship. The beaming Lil Wayne smile revealed an artist happy to share new material with the awards audience.

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Lil Wayne Teeth Smile HollywoodSporting a red flannel button-down (unbuttoned, of course), a black bucket hat, and grey sweatpants, Lil Wayne played true to his usual street-style form. Countless articles could be written on Lil Wayne teeth alone. The rapper reportedly spent $150,000 to have diamond grills placed on his teeth. Perhaps Lil Wayne wanted the cheap seats to get a little glimmer during his tour performances. Lil Wayne is a rapper turned producer turned entrepreneur, and judging from his recent performance and win at the BET awards this year, he shows no signs of stopping any time soon.