Lena Hall at Tony Awards 2014

When actors or actresses cross-dress in film or onstage, it often garners them a lot of attention. This year, Lena Hall is no exception: winning the Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical, Lena plays Yitzhak, a side-burns sporting, leather jacket wearing drag queen wanna be. Beyond ecstatic to receive her award, the Lena Hall smile spoke volumes about her personality, as did her effusive thank yous. Lena is a tried and true triple-threat. The actress spent a childhood dancing ballet, currently fronts a rock band called the Deafening, and can act with the best of them, as she recently proved in the hit musical Kinky Boots.

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To receive her award, Lena wore a Zac Posen sleek back strapless gown with a built-in cape. (The actress had previously worn the fashion designer to the Met Ball in May.) The Lena Hall smile looked bright and straight the night of the awards. A teeth whitening treatment might help them glimmer on red carpets, which Lena is surely set to grace more often in the future. She does not seem too concerned though. Young and bright-eyed, Lena seems to be taking everything in stride, meanwhile impressing both men and women and everyone in between.