Katy Perry Smile at Billboard Music Awards 2014

Unable to arrive at the Billboard Music Awards this year due to a UK album tour, Katy performed her hit song “Birthday” via satellite. For not being on site, the pop diva still riveted the awards audience in Las Vegas. Katy shocked with her neon green pigtails, stripping down mid-performance to a nude suit covered in colorful text and birthday-themed designs. Whether or not you love her loud look, you have to give Katy credit for a taking a risk.

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Katy Perry Teeth Smile HollywoodEither her overseas performance or daring costume must be a good luck charm: Katy received the coveted award for Best Female Artist as well as one for Top Digital Songs Artist. Earlier this year, her most recent album Prism topped the charts with a million copies sold, her third record in a row to do so. Look at Katy Perry smile, and you can see she has a lot to be happy about.

Katy Perry has been up front about her own imperfect teeth, occasionally flashing a bottom row of crooked, overly crowded teeth. Braces, perhaps Invisalign, could easily and discreetly fix the problem, but Katy does not seem too concerned. Perhaps one day we will witness a Katy Perry smile makeover, but until then, she will continue to roar on stages all over the world.