Julia Roberts at Oscars 2014

Julia Roberts smile is no stranger to the camera. She was nominated at the 2014 Oscars for her role in August: Osage County. Roberts played Barbara Weston in the film, who is plagued by a failed marriage and a death in the family. She was dressed by Elizabeth Stewart who also dressed Cate Blanchett for the star-studded event. She actually tops the Hollywood Reporter Power Stylists 2014 list.

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Julia Roberts Teeth Smile HollywoodShe also has a famous smile. While Julia Roberts might have had some work done on her teeth over the years, she actually has admitted to brushing with baking soda to make her teeth white and prevent cavities. She says her grandfather gave her the tip. Sodium bicarbonate is used in more and more toothpastes. It has the power to break through rising bacteria in the mouth. She has a beautiful smile overall. It is not a full white smile, but her teeth appear very natural looking. Julia Roberts teeth seem to have a few different shades of color as well.

It is no wonder Julia Roberts looked so good on the red carpet. But if we ignore the outfit, she is still very beautiful because she has aged very well at 46 years old. The actress was extra brave that night putting on smile for the cameras because she had just loss her half-sister the week before. This is a fourth Academy Award nomination. She had been previously nominated for leading role in Erin Brockovich, leading role in Pretty Woman, and supporting role in Steel Magnolias.