Joseph Rosendo at Daytime Emmy Awards 2014

Sometimes it feels as if soap operas garner all the attention at the Daytime Emmy Awards, what with their countless smooth-haired, clean-shaven, pretty nominees. Cooking and travel shows tend to air during the daytime as well, and they receive their fair share of attention at the Emmys. This year, Joseph Rosendo of the PBS program “Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope” walked away with the award for Host in a lifestyle/travel program. The show has been alarmingly successful, running for an impressive eight seasons, garnering a loyal following, and even spawning its own popular podcast. The Joseph Rosendo teeth has become quite the fixture on televisions across America.

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The passion for travel Rosendo exhibits onscreen is most likely one of the things that draws viewers to his show. No matter where he voyages, he seems to be thoroughly enjoying himself. The same goes for the Emmy Awards this year: the Joseph Rosendo smile never seemed to wane as the host posed for photos alongside his wife Julie, producer and executive producer for “Travelscope.” The TV host wore a classic black tuxedo complete with bowtie. His teeth would most likely benefit from a whitening treatment, but perhaps he cannot find the time to whiten, what with all the world traveling!