Jennifer Lopez Smile at Billboard Music Awards 2014

Jennifer Lopez has come a long way from being just Jenny from the block. She is a host on the hit television show American Idol and looking better than ever. At the Billboard Music Awards this year, she was so bold as to re-create the deeply plunging green Versace dress that garnered her so much red carpet attention at the 2000 Grammys. This year, J. Lo is 14 years older and sporting a classier garment: a Donna Karan high-waisted red number, referencing old Hollywood glamor and pin-ups. The neckline is still plunging, just not quite so jaw-droppingly low. Her hairstyle is even the same, done up in a high retro ponytail. One thing is for sure: that Jennifer Lopez smile is still gleaming.

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Jennifer Lopez Teeth Smile HollywoodAs far as her teeth go, Jennifer Lopez seems blessed with a straight, close-fitting smile. Perhaps she has worn braces in the past to correct minor alignment issues. Jennifer Lopez teeth do appear to benefit from whitening treatments. She and her teeth arrived more than ready this year at the Billboard Music Awards, where she received an Icon Award and performed her song “First Love.” Considering her daring red carpet presence both then and now, this icon will not soon be forgotten.