Jared Leto at Oscars 2014

Jared Leto smile was very big at the 86th Academy Awards. That is because he won best supporting actor for his role in the movie Dallas Buyers Club. In this film, Leto played a transgender woman who bonds with a man who is homophobic. The transgender community was a bit upset about his role but he still won the Oscar. He worked alongside Matthew McConaughey who won an Oscar for his lead role in the film. This is Leto’s first Academy Award. He brought his mother and his brother to the star-studded event. Previous to this role, he had to gain 67 pounds for his portrayal of the man who killed John Lennon. But he is also a rock star. His band, 30 Seconds to Mars, has achieved worldwide fame. One of his big breaks came in the 90s when he took a role alongside Claire Danes in “My So-Called Life.”

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Jared Leto Teeth Smile HollywoodJared Leto teeth appear to look very natural in shape because the upper teeth appear to be different lengths. His big smile adds to his character and makes him stand out on the red carpet. Cosmetic dentistry is not for everyone. Even some celebrities still have their natural teeth and big smiles. Everyone has different teeth and celebrities are no exception. Some have bright smiles, big smiles and natural looking smiles. Jared Leto has a great big smile. With his many fans from acting and his band, Leto has a lot to smile about.