Ethan Hawke at Oscars 2014

Ethan Hawke, well known for his acting, showed up at the Oscars this year with a writing nod. Hawke was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay with his costarring cowriter Julie Delpy and director Richard Linklater. The flick, Before Midnight, is the third in a line of romantic, dialogue-driven films begun over twenty years ago. The second installment, titled Before Sunset and filmed in Paris, also garnered the trio an Oscar nomination. Though no one passed Hawke an Oscar this year, his talents continue to thrive. He remains prolific in a number of entertainment arenas, recently taking to the New York stage to play Macbeth.

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Ethan Hawke Teeth Smile HollywoodA summery Greece backdrops Before Midnight, and Hawke and his 2014 Oscars style stick to Mediterranean inspiration, wearing a Dior Homme suit from the well-respected Italian fashion house. Hawke looked dressed for the podium in the tailored tuxedo, though the curved lapels on his jacket leant his look a relaxed air, evoking European smoking jackets. Losing the wavy hair and goatee of Jesse, his film persona, Hawke opted for a clean-shave and a tight haircut. Throughout the evening, Ethan Hawke smile was on full display, if a little discolored and uneven. A whitening treatment or veneers would remedy this, but, Ethan Hawke teeth are beside the point when it comes to nabbing movie roles or Oscar nominations.