Dylan O’Brien at Young Hollywood Awards 2014

Making the big leap from TV to film, it is no surprise that Dylan O’Brien won this year’s “Breakthrough Actor” award at the Young Hollywood Awards celebration. O’Brien can expect his current following to grow as new fans, both young and old, will be able to see his talent with continuing exposure to a larger audience. While it remains to be seen how this young actor will make the transition from TV shows to movies for the long haul, O’Brien has already proven that he can handle roles from comedy to drama with ease.

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At the Young Hollywood Awards, a classic monochrome, slim styled suit played background to O’Brien’s dark locks, which were more pronounced in a spiky, wet look. Fans are always ready to gaze upon that quirky, asymmetrical Dylan O’Brien smile, whether his lips are closed or not. The best times for dream-struck admirers are when he parts his lips so that the lopsided grin exposes those amazing Dylan O’Brien teeth. Fans can continue to view O’Briens comedic shorts via his You-Tube channel, but can also expect to see the ever-increasing exposure of this young hearth throb on the silver screen.

Dylan OBrien at Young Hollywood Awards 2014