Christian Bale at Oscars 2014

Christian Bale smile was big on the red carpet, March 2. That is because he won an Oscar at the 86th Academy Awards. This was for his leading role in the movie American Hustle. He showed up to the event with his wife who is pregnant with their second child. The actor has also won an Academy Award in 2010 for his supporting role in The Fighter. He has been in numerous popular films such as The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rise, The Machinist, American Psycho and many more.

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Christian Bale Teeth Smile HollywoodChristian Bale actually had caps put on his teeth for his role in American Psycho. He said in an interview that he was apprehensive about changing his teeth for the role but that he did not want to ruin the movie by not getting the procedure. His smile is still big and bright despite what the actor might think. Christian Bale teeth are very uniform in shape which makes him look great on camera. He is a very ambitious actor and has a lot of great hobbies such as horseback riding. He actually met his wife through actress Winona Ryder. She was the actress’ personal assistant. His wife also has a beautiful smile which is very big. They make a great couple.