Bruce Dern at Oscars 2014

Bruce Dern smile cannot be missed. He won an Academy Award at the 2014 Oscars for his leading role in the film Nebraska. This is the actor’s second win. He took home an Oscar in 1978 for his supporting role in the film Coming Home. He showed up to the award show with his daughter and actress, Laura Dern as well as his wife Andrea Beckett. Dern is no stranger to the camera. This long time actor has been in many films including Monster, Django Unchained, Last Man Standing and the list goes on.

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Bruce Dern Teeth Smile HollywoodAlthough Bruce Dern teeth are very straight, he does appear to need a teeth whitening treatment. As aging happens, teeth can discolor and gums can recede. But there are treatments available to help with discoloration including whitening and routine dental cleanings. Oral health is always important especially for older adults. As aging progresses, the enamel becomes thinner revealing the dentin underneath which is yellow in color. Despite his teeth, the actor actually goes above and beyond for his health. He is an ultra-marathoner, which means he runs 50 mile races. He is quite the opposite on camera. He is often placed in roles where he is a drug addict, psychopath or a freak. The 77-year-old actor really has a knack for these types of roles because of his look.