Amelia Heinle at Daytime Emmy Awards 2014

Though the Daytime Emmy Awards were shown exclusively online this year, the Amelia Heinle smile would be easy to find, even on small laptop or tablet screens. The starlet won an Emmy for her supporting role in the long-running soap opera The Young and the Restless. The hit show swept the event this year, winning a total of five awards including Outstanding Drama Series. Amelia has appeared in soap operas for most of her acting career, and that hard work has finally paid off with a gold statue all her own.

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Amelia Heinle Teeth Smile HollywoodAmelia received her award Sunday night wearing a bright orange Alberta Ferretti frock circa Spring 2014. Her dress, set off by flowers at the chest and the waist, looked fresh and bright just like the first days of summer. Her hair, coiled up into a simple up-do, made her face and that Amelia Heinle smile the focal point. Her straight teeth probably received some whitening treatment for the event. Her signature gap between the front two teeth sets her apart from soap opera stars flashing perfect Hollywood smiles. Invisalign braces could definitely help fix this problem, but Amelia seems to be doing fine without them.